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  • Vintage Tustsi Milk Container KX18.4

    These ornate milk containers are masterfully hand-carved from a singular block of wood and accentuated with tin embellishments. These time-honored vessels have served as indispensable tools among the Tutsi people of Rwanda, as well as nomadic communities in the rural hinterlands of Burundi, Kenya, and Northern Tanzania. Originally devised for the conveyance of milk, water, honey, and provisions, these containers exude a versatile practicality.

    These artifacts are not confined to utility alone; they transcend their utilitarian origins to assume roles as exquisite adornments. Whether gracing a mantelpiece, doubling as a refined dry flower vase, or merely serving as objets d'art, these containers emanate an air of sophistication and cultural resonance.

    The essence of these vessels lies in their understated design, harmoniously melding simplicity and functionality. Adorned with authentic markings and signs of age, they bear the weight of history, which only serves to enhance their intrinsic beauty. These containers possess the unique ability to seamlessly integrate into any decorative scheme while simultaneously serving as captivating conversation pieces.

    18cm h x 11cm w