Terrarium Miniature Figurines
Sheep models £2.00
Nudist Set Figures £19.50
Hostage Situation Figures
Sold Out
Lothar the Jogger £3.25
Nora the Jogger Figure £3.25
Dogs (B) Figures £19.50
4 Parents and Children Figures £19.50
Woman with Vacuum Cleaner Figure
Sold Out
Marc the Mountain biker Figure £3.25
Finn the Golfer Figure £3.25
Jelena the Nude Sunbather £3.25
Zebra wall sculpture- Hand made beaded- Large £135.00
Zebra wall sculpture- Hand made beaded- Large £135.00
Chevrolet 1950 Police Van £11.60
Same Sex Couples Figures £19.50
British Police Officer Set £32.50
Mountain Climbers Figures (6) £15.85
Family Outing Figure Set £24.00
Luca the Climber £3.75
Romantic Couple Figures £21.00
Cow Figures £19.50
Dog (A) Figures £21.00
Parents and Children Figure Set £24.50
Courting Couples Figures £19.50
Nudist Family £34.00
Marleen Lady of the Night Figure £3.25
Wedding Couple Figures £10.00
Woman with a buggy Figure £10.00
Nadja Oh La La Figure £3.25
Pia and Enno Backpacking Figures £6.50
Carlos the Sunbather Figure £3.25
Herbert the Nude Sunbather £3.25
Karla the Sunbather Figure £3.25
Jennifer the Skier Figure £3.25
Alfonso the Snowboarder Figure £3.25
Nam the Skier Figure £3.25
Mark the snowboarder Figure £3.25