Moss Globe Terrarium12x12cm

A beautiful living moss garden in a glass globe for your desk.  Watch the moss grow over time, just like a lawn, and trim it once in a while.  A lovely way to relax and connect to nature in a micro way.  Make your garden personalised with a special little character.  Our globes are big enough to add all kinds of wonderful characters inside to personalise. 

Our team at Botanical Boys are passionate about terrariums and we offer you a 30 Day guarantee period if any plants struggle we will replace them for you.  A care guide is available on our website and we provide a aftercare service should any plants struggle for any natural reason.  

How it works:

A terrarium is a beautiful focal point and are living Eco-systems.  It works by circulating moisture, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide trapped inside the vessel which keeps itself alive.  We only use plants that are suitable for closed gardens.

Miniature life-like scales model characters available:

We have a collection of real-life miniature characters available to add to your moss and personalises your garden.  If we do not have the characters in stock here then do please visit our store at Kings Cross to look through the sets on collection.

Caring for your terrarium:

Care guide:  Available on our website in the terrarium section. 

Delivery:  We can deliver anywhere in UK.

What you get

A Dome filled with live moss.



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