Masterclass Upgrade - Tall Cork Jar

**Please only purchase this item if you are already booked onto one of our Masterclass. Please add your class date and name in notes section on checkout.

These tall and wide recycled glass jars are all hand made and are 30cm tall which is 10cm taller than the standard Masterclass cork jar and 3cm wider.  This large glass vessel allows you to add slightly taller plants than our standard vessel which we include as part of your upgrade.

The image shows our popular Masterclass glass terrarium jar next to the tall cork jar upgrade option to show you the difference. 

The upgrade comes with a choice of taller plants such as our Ficus Ginseng or Asparagus Ferns or Calethea plants and other Fern varieties as plants are available at time of booking.

Our tall cork jars Retail at £145 in our store.  Your upgrade is £45. 

NOTE:  ** Please tell us what date and time your class is in the NOTE section on checkout for this item to be added. Thanks