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  • Malawi Rattan side table - handmade

    Malawi rattan side table are handmade using rattan strips, which are woven into intricate patterns.  Rather than using glue or nails which is common in European design, makers secure the strips with special knots. 

    It takes several days for an artisan to make a side table.  

    Note:  Our tables are bespoke handmade and each one will be slightly different as they made by a few different groups of artisans.  Some will have a slight wobble but easily fixed by adding stick on furniture leg felt disc pads. 

    Dimensions :  43cmx42cmx43cmh  

    Care:  Too much exposure to moisture can cause dark stains on the rattan. The best ways to restore this would be to use Oxalic Acid. You can buy it from any hardware store – then simply just dissolve it in water and brush the affected area.