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    Double Mask - Cameroon 61.1

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    The double mask from Cameroon is a remarkable and distinctive artistic creation that symbolizes the deep cultural traditions of this Central African nation. This unique mask consists of two faces intricately carved from wood and joined together, often with a bridge or connecting element.

    Each face on the double mask exhibits its own character and symbolism. These masks are adorned with a plethora of traditional motifs, patterns, and vivid colors, reflecting the rich heritage and artistic finesse of the Cameroonian people.

    Double masks from Cameroon often serve in ceremonial and ritual contexts, signifying unity, duality, or the interconnectedness of cultural elements. They are not only striking works of art but also powerful symbols that encapsulate the spiritual and cultural essence of Cameroon, making them captivating pieces for collectors and admirers of African art.

    44cm h x 20cm w