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    Vintage Tuareg Bowl Stand - (27.1)

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    The Tuareg are a nomadic people of Niger and surrounding countries. Their skin is blue-black, from the indigo rubbed into cloths wrapped around their faces to keep out the desert sun and sand. The Tuareg are known for their leatherwork, their Jewellery, and their body adornment as well as their metalwork.

    The stand is a very old piece made from detailed carved wood post.  This post comes with a bespoke stand.  The top is rounded to support a Taureg bowl, incorporating animal hide, raffia and metal tacks. Tuareg nomadic community, Sahara region being hand carved have their own unique designs, inlays of leather and copper. 

    These are very special collectors pieces expect some loose bits of leather hide as it’s part of its age.  A stunning piece of art sculpture to display.  

    Size: 100cm H x 30cmD bowl holder.

    NOTE:  Taureg vintage bowl in image is not included but we do sell them on our website.