Tuber Planter Wood

These Tuber planters are crafted from GRC - Glass Reinforced Concrete. As it names implies the Tuber sits as if it is rooted in the ground. It solid bearing means it can be interspersed randomly, bunched as a large centrepiece or grouped in large numbers to create exciting journeys through a vast space. The Tuber would be particularly suitable when creating an indoor forest installation.

Large (1060mm) 41.5" H x 19" (bottom diameter) x 14" (top diameter)
Medium (700mm) 27.5" H x 22.5" (bottom diameter) x 14" (top diameter)
Small (430mm) 17" H x 26.5" (bottom diameter) x 18" (top diameter)
X Small (570mm) 21" H x 12" (bottom diameter) x 11" (top diameter)

Please allow 12 - 16 weeks for delivery