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    Tuareg reed and textile mat - (40.1)

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    Taureg reed and textile matt are part of the Taureg culture.  The matts are made to withstand the harshest of climate conditions of nomadic life. The matts are incredibly durable and would look amazing styled as a wall hanging also. 

    The Tuareg are a nomadic people of Niger and surrounding countries. Their skin is blue-black, from the indigo rubbed into cloths wrapped around their faces to keep out the desert sun and sand. The Tuareg are known for their leatherwork, their Jewellery, and their body adornment as well as their

    The Taureg people are known to be tough traders and travel from place to place across Africa to sell various products.  One of their products is these beautiful floor mats.

    Size- 70cm x 42cm