Vintage Tonga Stool - Zimbabwe XL (01)

Vintage Hand-carved from a single piece of wood. These stools were status symbols for elders of the nomadic Tonga people of Zimbabwe. They carry significant meaning, for the Tonga people, then and now. Each is carved to incorporate unique lines, shapes, and patterns, making it easy to transport but also breath-taking to behold. Traditionally, only the head of the household could own and take his place on a Tonga stool. Women were prohibited from sitting on stools. Just by observing a man’s chair you can easily weave together a story about the owner and his position in the wider community. These chairs are surprisingly comfortable, used for rest, work and during traditional meetings.

These are old pieces and may have slight cracks and minor scratches in place we feel adds to the character. 

H : 31cm h x D 30cm 

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