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    Teke Mask

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    The Teke origin can be traced back to the 15th century. Teke are a widely scattered people. They are quite resourceful and employ a variety of means to make a living. They farm, hunt and fish, and actively seek to trade any surplus they might end up with. The artworks of the Teke consist mainly of small fetish statues for personal use, and larger fetish statues for use by the diviner or chief during important village ceremonies. The Teke or Kidumu people are well known for their Teke masks, which are round flat disk-like wooden masks that have abstract patterns and geometric motifs with horizontal lines that are painted in earthly colours, mainly dark blue, blacks, browns and clays. The traditional Teke masks all have triangle shaped noses.

    DRC, Africa

    Size:- 34cmH x 28cmW 

    Stand is included if requested