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    Shona Pot - S 1.2

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    The shona are cattle keepers, and as such milk plays a large role in their lives.

    The majority of the time, food was prepared in clay pots, or hari. 

    Without pottery, a Shona person's existence would be impossible. 

    Consuming food is a must for survival.

    Women created and made most of the pots, while men worked on tasks like making iron in clay furnaces. 

    Pots came in a wide variety of designs and uses. 

    Clay was used to make them because it was widely accessible. 

    The pots were baked in pits with fires fueled by dry cow dung to harden them (ndove). 

    The pots were used for cooking, carrying water and storing milk.

    Size: 17 H X 19 W