Senegal Wall Basket (S06) small

These incredibly special baskets are crafted by the Wolof craftswomen of rural Senegal. They are woven from millet grass and recycled multi-coloured plastic threads, making each basket truely unique and special. Wolof weavers are proud to preserve the coil style of basket weaving by passing the technique from generation to generation. Wolof girls learn weaving techniques from their Mothers and Aunts. Each basket serves to generate critical income to sustain the crafter’s family. 

These baskets each have a wall mountable hook to hang on a wall.  Create your own patterns and fill an empty space with these beautiful coloured baskets. 


These baskets are hand made and are slightly different sizes.  

The small range between 20cm and 24cm diameter for the small version.

The medium range between 28cm - 30cm diameter

The large range between 36cm - 40cm diameter 



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