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Sansevieria - dark green

 Easy to care for Sansevierias or "Mother n Laws Tongue" are some of the best houseplants to keep.  They require very low maintenance and are great air filters for your home or office space.  They are actually one of NASA's top rated species of plants for filtering the air.   

Watering:  Water them once every 14 days to 21 days with a small amount of water.  Do not let the plant sit in water as they will incure root rot.  They prefer to dry out completely between watering.  Water less throughout the winter up to 4-5 weeks between cycles.

Light:  They can tolerate a very bright room to low light.  They require good natural light and is ok in a shaded spot.  The more light it gets the nicer the foliage looks as it matures.  In the Summer the leaves can scorch if exposed to too much direct Sunlight, so consider moving your plant to a slightly more protected spot in the height of summer. 

Origin:  Western Africa 


approx 30cm

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