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    Rhipsalis Cassutha - Hanging

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    Rhipsalis are some of the easiest houseplants to care for and add a spectacular splash of green to your home interior.   They are part of the cactus family.

    Watering:  They like moist but not wet soil, watering on average every couple of weeks.  Do not pour lots of water into your pot as they will struggle.  Rhipsalis are good at letting their owners know when they are getting thirsty.  Their leaves will fall off and go slightly brown and flaky if it gets too dry but they do recover fairly quickly once re watered.

    They can be propogated eaasily by re planting the stems.  They need a well draining mix as they are epyphites.

    Lighting:  Loves a bit of Sun but not baking hot sunlight all day.  Keep it in a very well lit room.  

    Origin:  South America and Africa they can grow several meters long.  They will also flower in their natural habitat little white flowers.  

    Size:  15cmW approx 20cm long but will grow much lonmger if you repot them every 12-18months in a container 2" bigger.