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    Pilea Pepperomia - Raindrop with pot included - 12cm

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    An elegant member of the peperomia family, peperomia Polybotrya “raindrop” is an easy to care for plant.
    Raindrop peperomia or Coin-Leaf Peperomia – all thanks to the shape of its leaves. This plant is native to the regions of South America as well as in Colombia and Peru. As mentioned, the common names of this plant are attributed to its deep green and waxy, almost tear-shaped leaves. This plant tends to grow upright to a maximum height of 15 inches and tends to be compact depending on the amount of sun it receives.

    Watering:  Let the top inch of soil dry out between watering, usually once per week.  If the plant becomes too dry the leaves will droop.  Allow the soil to be kept moist and occassional misting of the leaves will be good for the plant.  These plants are happiest in good humid conditions, so keep that soil lightly moist but not wet. 

    Lighting:  Pilea do prefer a bright room but avoid direct Sunlight.  South facing or East facing windows.  

    Origin:  China 

    Size: 12cm