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    Oxalis Triangularis

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    The Oxalis is also known as the false shamrock and can grow well indoors throughout the year.  They can be grown outdoors but when the frosts come then it's best to bring them indoors to keep their foliage throughout the colder months.  The wonderful thing about these plants is that they close their little shamrock leaves at night and re-open again when the Sun comes up. 

    Watering:  Oxalis do not like to get too dry otherwise they will wilt.  Water it weekly on average but if the air is too dry it will need watering more often.  The leaves will droop downward when the plant is thirsty.  

    Lighting:  No direct Sunlight, will tolerate a littel shade and dappled sunlight.  A bright room is best. 

    Origin:  South America