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Orchid - Phalaenopsis Pink range

Orchids are beautiful colourful plants that are grown all over the World here are a few facts about them.  

Colours: Pink and dark pink

  • Orchids that live in dry climate have thick leaves covered with wax, while species that live in warm and humid areas have thin, elongated leaves. 
  • Orchids have rhizome, tuber or aerial roots and do not depend on soil for living.
  • Orchids can live on the ground (terrestrial forms), attached to woody plants (epiphytic types) or under the ground.

Watering:  Orchids need watering regularly but not over wet.  As most of them live off other trees in their habitats they need the moisture to survive.

Lighting: Needs good natural light for at least six hours a day.

Origin:  Asia, Australia and Phillipines 

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