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  • Old Makenge Basket - Zambia 100H

    These old Makenge baskets are testament to the weaving skills of the Mbundu and Losi people of Zambia.  Originally they have been used to sift the grains.   They are beautiful art pieces. 

    How they are made:-   The baskets are made from the Makenge tree which is a small tree and sends out very long shallow roots.  The roots have fine hairs and they are dug from the ground by the men and thinned out to be used.  The roots are boiled and dyed with natural pigments and left to dry out.  It takes several weeks to make each of these very unique baskets. 

    SIZE 44x50cm

    They each come mounted on a stand and are easily removed if you want to hang them on a wall you will need to attach a small wire hook.