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  • Natural Cut Onyx Side Table \ Stool

    Introducing our Natural Edge Onyx Stool/Side Table: a harmonious blend of organic allure and functional design. Crafted from genuine onyx, this unique piece showcases nature's own artistic touch.

    Each stool/side table is a testament to the raw beauty of onyx, featuring its natural, unrefined edge that adds a touch of rustic charm. The translucent qualities of onyx allow light to dance through, casting a mesmerizing glow and revealing its intriguing patterns and hues, ranging from warm amber to cool emerald.

    With dimensions of approximately 23 x 45 cm H  it's a versatile addition to your living space, serving as a striking side table or a charming stool. The polished, yet unaltered, surface of the onyx brings an authentic, earthy elegance to your decor.

    The Natural Edge Onyx Stool/Side Table invites nature's artistry into your home, making it a conversation piece that embodies the balance between the untamed beauty of raw edges and the refinement of functional design. Add a touch of the extraordinary to your living space with this unique creation.

    Please note each item is unique and we can assist in showing specific examples.