Namji Doll - White (AC1612)

Namchi/Namji dolls are carved from African Rosewood, a legume tree native to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. A single block of African Rosewood wood is hand carved into a geometric shape and decorated with multi coloured beads, metals, fibre, cowrie shells, coins, and even leather. Each doll is carved with a unique stature and facial expression. Unadorned dolls made by blacksmiths are played with by young children. 

Namji Dolls are fertility dolls given to brides during a wedding ceremony. The Namji believe that these fertility dolls are made with potent charms that enhance the bride’s fertility.

The bride carries the doll as a good luck charm anywhere she goes, in her purse or clothe. Once her wish is granted and she has a child, the doll is placed on the family altar or passed down to her daughter.

Size:- 52cmH x 12cmW .

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