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  • LIVE PICTURE - Living wall frame - 72cm - Black

    The LivePicture frame is a unique combination of innovation, design and greenery.  Each frame is made of high quality powder-coated steel frame and a system of interchangeable plant cassettes.  The watering system will keep your plants watered for up to six weeks before it requires re-filling. 

    You can use these systems for a wide variety of plants and it requires no electricity, pipework or plumbing.  The water system is built inside the frame and is super easy to refill.  

    NOTE:  This is the frame kit.  You need to purchase plants seperately.  We recommend customers add their own plants to their own taste.  It is very simple to plant. We can provide plants separately on request. 



      72 x 72 x 7 cm


    - Improves air quality in your home as plants absorb toxins and dust from the air

    - Vertical gardening does not take up too much space 

    -  Visually impacting providing a sense of calmness to a space


    - LIVE 1 has one plant cassette which holds approx 6 to 9 plants approx pot sizes 10cm to 12cm

    -  Plants can be purchased separately from us or you can use your own of course 

    -  Fast and easy to install

    - No electricity required other than your drill to make the holes

    -  Water tank holds enough for between 4 and 6 weeks

    -  Includes a low water indicator in the form of a cute little water can 

    -  Frames can be changed if you ever wated to swap a colour