LAB Jar terrarium kit

Build your very own indoor garden at home with our terrarium kits.

By creating a terrarium using one of our kits it helps you to feel calm and relaxed and by getting your hands dirty you are literally connecting with nature.

This jar has a narrow opening and we advise that you also purchase a set of tweezers to use during the build. 



Your kit contains plants suitable for closed vessels. 

- Glass vessel

- Clay pellets (Small brown pellets)

- Sphagnum Moss (SP Moss)

- Activated Carbon (small envelope)

- Soil (Botanical Boys own mixture of potting soil)

-  Selection of plants suitable for your vessel choice (in a paper bag or wrapped individually inside the vessel)

-  Decorative stones in envelope

-  Bun Moss or Sheet Moss for decoration

-  Cork stick and brush (tweezers if you order them)

-  Box label is shipping label (no other documentation included)

-  Step by Step Botanical Boys terrarium building guide


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