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  • Kuba Carved Cylindric Box - 53.2

    The vintage Kuba wooden jewelry box is an exquisite testament to the artistic brilliance of the Kuba people, hailing from the heart of Central Africa. Imbued with meticulous craftsmanship, this box stands as a splendid fusion of form and function. Carved from lustrous wood, its exterior showcases a captivating tapestry of geometric designs, intricate interlocking motifs, and meaningful symbols and skillfully etched.

    Designed with both utilitarian and ornamental intent, the Kuba jewelry box served as a sanctuary for treasured adornments. The lid, adorned with impressive detailing, conceals a trove of personal treasures.

    This vintage Kuba jewelry box is a tangible relic that bridges the past and present, offering not only a glimpse into the artisanal expertise of the Kuba people but also a gateway to their cultural heritage. It is a splendid repository of history, artistry, and tradition, encapsulating the intricate beauty of Central African craftsmanship.

    Size: 30cm H x 17cm D