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    Our stunning Kalanchoe beharensis trees known as Velvet elephant ear - It’s a slow growing succulent tree-like shrub native to South Africa can grow to an eventual height of 12 ft. with an equal spread though is typically seen much smaller.  

    Watering: Thus tree needs watering only when 100% of the soil has dried out, usually every 8 weeks.  Watering depends on your environment if it’s very bright or draft and or dry then it may require watering in slightly less time.  The tree is a succulent so it can be dry for several weeks befure watering sparingly. 

    Light:  Requires very good level of Sunlight but avoid direct Sunlight for long periods as leaves may scorch.  Avoid dark spaces. 

    Size:  Approx. 110cm H x 30cm pot tall will vary on availability.