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    Jungle Feed - Organic plant food

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    An innovative and natural houseplant fertilizer to boost your houseplant growth the organic way!
    This Jungle Feed bug frass fertilizer is unique as it’s made of Insect Frass! The pellets are slow-release, just mix it into the top layer of your pot soil or throughout when repotting, the pellets will expand and dissolve slowly and feed the plant through its roots. One package is enough for 3 medium size plants for 3 months.

    What is it made of:

    They are produced by the beetle species Tenebrio Molitor, this naturally occurring fertilizer is a balanced and nutrient-rich organic matter specially adapted to the fertilization of your houseplants.

    Unique, this organic fertilizer has a high organic matter content (characteristics absent from synthetic products) and constitutes a sustainable and natural food for your plants. Its dry and odorless granule format allows it to diffuse slowly in the soil: it fights against drought by retaining water and helps your plants to develop better rooting.

    Naturally present in the form of residues in Jungle Feed fertilizers, the chitin composing the shell of insects has unique benefits: it stimulates the immune system of your plants and thus helps them to defend themselves against diseases!

    In addition to being compatible with organic farming, insect frass is one of the natural fertilizers with the lowest ecological impact (mainly due to the fact that insect farming uses very little water and space).

    The little extra: as it is of natural origin, this fertilizer is safe for your pets.