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  • Igbo Handwoven Throw TR40

    Also known as akwete cloth. Just like most women's weaving throughout Nigeria, Akwete weaving is done on an upright frame loom with continuous warp and other accessories

    The basic Akwete cloth is usually made of cotton thread whilst the decorative patterns and effects are added with thread of heavier texture or contrasting colours.

    The elaborately modern versions of the cloth could be made entirely of silk, rayon, polyester and lurex. The decorative motifs have names, which are suggested by their appearance or the innovators of such motifs.
    In former times, only royal families could wear the 'Ikaki' motif, and if an ordinary person attempts to wear it, he could be sold into slavery. The weavers claim that certain motifs and designs were revealed to them in the dreams

    Size:  116 cm x 170 cm