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    Heather plants in varying sizes and striking colours.  They are the perfect antedote to add a bit of colour for your balcony or garden throughout the winter months.  They are perennial and evergreen.  

    Please note the colours in the images will vary.  Please let us know what colour you require before checking out and we will try to get the colour from the images shown as we cannot always guarantee the exact colour choice will be in stock at the time.

    Watering:  Heathers like to be in a well drained soil in a garden rockery or along borders.  If you have a balcony they can be planted into pots using Ericaceous soil and pebbles on the base to allow for drainage.  They can be kept indoors too but they prefer a cool spot of around 7 degrees C and soil to be kept moist.  If you are keeping them in a pot ensure you water them weekly. 

    Lighting:  They prefer lots of Sunlight which keeps their stunning colours.  

    Origin:  North and Western Europe, Turkey and Morocco

    Size:  Small 5cmx 10cmh and 9cmx20cmh on average