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    Guru Mask TR15.7

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    Guro masks are traditional African masks from the west coast of Africa, specifically the Ivory Coast. Guro Mask The Guro, or Gouro, as they are sometimes referred to, are a deeply spiritual people whose masks are symbols of their culture and beliefs.

    Similar to many of the other masks, this Guro mask represents the specter of Gu, the supernatural being's wife. The horns on each mask are meant to symbolize the spiritual power and are believed to have magical properties that will protect the owner and the communities human way of life. The Guro mask is one of a kind because it features a blend of human, animal, and fantastical elements. Various birds, including the horn bill and other large billed birds, are frequently carved into the mask. Nowadays, the people of Ivory Coast still use traditional dance to pay homage to their forebears and celebrate cultural events like funerals,  and weddings, and the mask serves as a symbol of the people's dedication to the past

    Size:  15 x 47 cm