Fazeley Flow- Two Pint Copper Pot by HAWS

The Haws Copper Fazeley Flow is a classic 2 pint indoor watering can. The perfect copper indoor watering can for home, office, conservatory or even greenhouse. Its elegantly curved non-drip spout delivers pinpoint watering accuracy, helping avoid splashes around your potted plants. With its two pint capacity, it makes a splendid indoor watering can for watering small plants, pots and seedlings. Traditionally handcrafted from in sage steel. Every home should have a Haws Copper Fazeley Flow, whether you have green fingers or not. Style and elegance personified in a perfectly formed metal watering can.


Haws have been making classic watering cans since 1886. Still handcrafted in the traditional manner in England.


Made in West Midlands

Size: 2 pint capacity

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