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    Ethiopian Cross - M

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    Ethiopia is home to one of the oldest continuous Christian traditions in the world, and Ethiopian silversmiths produce religious jewellery as an expression of that tradition. Star of David symbols are evident in design and emphasize the relationship of Christian Ethiopians to Israel, King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. These individual Coptic crosses are cast and made in various styles, designs, and sizes. They can be hand-cut from various metal: silver, iron, gold, and brass--and cast using the lost wax method. Some Ethiopian crosses are made from wood, these ones are made of silver alloy. Designs are as varied as the regions they come from, and crosses are generally named after the towns or provinces where they are made. The use of these crosses is essentially religious. Crosses like these are known as processional crosses. They do have base and are carried during religious
    services. Each cross is individual. The designs vary from one cross to another. No two are identical.


    Medium:  31cmH x 13.5cmW at widest point