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    Vintage Ethiopian Coffee Stand

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    The land considered to be the origin of coffee is extraordinarily rich and very poor. In Ethiopia grow over 5000 different coffee genotypes. Over 12 Million Ethiopians earn their living with coffee, providing a production of some 4 Million bags per year, of which half is drank by them. In their traditional ceremony coffee is a celebration with a sense of religion, family, and friendship – three times three, daily: morning, afternoon and evening, each ceremony consisting of at least three servings. The first serving is called “Abol Buna” or “Awel”, according to region, (Buna meaning Coffee) and it is the best. The second serving is called “Tona” or “kale’i” and the third one “Baraka” or “Bereka” (just like Barack) meaning blessing and thus bestowing blessing upon the participants. The tradition says that a transformation of the spirit occurs through the completion of all three servings. It is also tradition to celebrate as family nucleus or as part of the community. An invitation to such a ceremony is considered a sign of respect and friendship in the Ethiopian and Eritrean culture.

    Size:-  23cmH x12cmW

    Perfect to display a small pot plant on top or as a working coffee cup stand!  Why not carry on with the tradition. 

    Slight imperfections and a small cracks in the wood is natural for these pieces.