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    Julie Plant Pot and Saucer Glazed Emeral Green


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    When it comes to plant pots, less really is more. In this understated yet elegant pot, your luscious plants will always be the centre of attention. Lovingly crafted from clay in Italy, it features drainage holes to give roots room to breathe and the superior clay surface holds in all the moisture your plants need to thrive.

    • Plant pot & saucer
    • Material: clay
    • Minimalist design
    • Designed by Ninetta Mariani
    • Pink colour
    • Flowerpot stands inside saucer
    • Drainage holes
    • Suitable for indoor & outdoor use
    • Frost resistant
    • Take the saucer away so the pot can drain properly in frostier months
    • Made in Italy

    Sizes:  Manufacture measures these pots from outside lip diameter.  Measuring inside lip is slightly smaller.