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    Cycas Revoluta

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    Cycads Revoluta (Roll back leaves) are very special ancient plants closely related to Palms and ferns.  They are slow growing and look very tropical when planted.  They are very slow growing and can take between 50 and 100 years to get 7m tall. 

    Can be planted with drain free soil like Cactus soil or a good potting mix with gravel mixed into it.  Great plant for your external patio or Greenhouse.  Can be grown indoors 

    Watering:  Keep soil just lightly moist but avoid overwatering as this can cause root rot.  Leaves can turn yellow if underwatered or over watered, just a small amount of water to keep soil moist is fine.  If keeping on your balcony or patio area keep it in a Terracotta Pot and let it become root bound it does not need re-potting yearly. 

    Size:  12cmd x 60cmh

    Lighting:  Half Sun and half shade.  

    Origin: Japan

    They are very toxic to animals so please purchase with caution if you have pets.