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  • Croton Iceton 160cmH x 40cmD

    Croton plant is a tropical plant with the most amazing orange and yellow leaf foliage.  The leave tend to be glossy and oval shaped with colours ranging from red, orange, yellow and dark green, quite a lot of colour for one plant! 

    Light:  Likes a bright room but avoid direct Sunlight and too much shade.  Somewhere in between is great.  

    Watering:  Likes soil to be kept slightly moist and prefers to be misted every few days.  The plant will drink plenty of water so in hotter months it's advisable to water them 2/3 times a week.  Allow top soil to dry out then water.  Use lukewarm water rather than cold water to help suit it's own tropical natural conditions. 

    Feed:  Croton's like to be kept fed during growing season April-Aug with a good balanced fertilizer.  Try our Junge Feed which is 100% organic pellets.  

    Temperature:  Keep your Croton in a room above 18 degrees Celcius, it can survive at 15 but avoid placing it in a cold draty spot.  

    Toxicity:  The sap is poisonous so avoid placing near children or pets and wear gloves whe handling.