Cork jar terrarium kit

Build your very own indoor garden at home with our terrarium kits.


Get your hands dirty and connect with nature by building a terrarium using on of our terrarium kits.


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Note: the image is a sample design.  


H : 20cm W : 18cm  






Your kit contains plants suitable for closed vessels. 


- Glass vessel


- Clay pellets 


- Sphagnum Moss


- Activated Carbon 


- Soil 


- Set of plants suitable for your vessel


- Decorative stones 


- Mosses for decoration (only if we have this in stock at the time) we will add additional foliage and stones if we have no moss available. 


- Cork stick and brush 


- Step by Step Botanical Boys terrarium building guide “available electronically to email” or booklet if we have in stock at time.  




Accessorise your terrarium with Characters here:



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