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    Kente cloth Blue & Orange (107.1)

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    Kente means a Ghanaian textile made using handwoven cloth strips of silk & cotton.  The cloth was once worn by royalty in groups such as the Ashanti and Ewe in modern day Ghana.  The fabric is used in many ceremonies today. 

    Kente cloth is believed to have originated after two friends studied the method a spider used to spin its web. Akan legend has it that they stood in the forest for two days watching the spider and mimicked this action when they returned home. They presented their new cloth to the local chief, who in turn presented it to the Asante chief. The Asante chief was so impressed that he instantly declared it a royal cloth and reserved it for the kings.

    NB: TO CLEAN- a very gentle HAND washing (NEVER MACHINE, on any setting) in cool water with a very gentle detergent works, but even then, dyes may not be colourfast.

    Note:  This is a handmade authentic piece of material and may have some slight imperfections or slight blemishes which add to the character.

    Size: 180cm x 90cm