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    These hand woven Bohero (Buhera) baskets are from the borders of Zimbabwe and Zambia, handmade by women from the Buhera district.  Made from the local river reeds used originally for storing grain and other foods.  These baskets are a beautiful interior piece for your home. They are imperfectly shaped die to the use of natural materials and this adds an organic look to your interiors. 

    Each basket is bespoke a d the sizes will vary slightly between a few cm.  shapes will also be slightly different.  Images seen are of our own stock but each basket are slightly different as they are all hand made. 

    Sizes approx: Small 30-40cmH x 32cmW (16cm opening top)

    Med:  40-60cmH x 38cmW (16-18cm opening top)

    Lge:  60-80cmH x 50cmW (17-18cm opening top)

    XL:  85-100cmH x 60cmW (25-28cm opening top)