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    Birds Nest Fern - Asplenium Kokedame hanging 17cm

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    Birds Nest Fern or Asplenium Nidus have distinctive shutlecock shaped leaves and develop beautiful lime green leaves which later become much darker green.  They can grow up to 60 inches in the home over time and are fairly easy to maintain. 

    Watering:  These plants come from sub tropical jungles and therefore enjoy a humid environment.  Having a humidifier in the room is a good thing to reduce the plant drying out too much.  Never water the fern onto the centre or "the nest" as it encourages mould.  Always instead keep the soil fairly moist. 

    Light:  These plants live underneath trees in the jungles, so they do not need direct Sunlight.   An east-facing or north facing window is ideal.  

    Origin:  East Africa and Asia