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  • Bamboo Living Wall Picture Frame - Natural

    Connect to nature and grow plants on your wall in an easy, low maintenance and super fun way.  

    Our frames are made from bamboo fibres. Bamboo is a natural and sustainable material and has a low environmental impact. Bamboo is biodegradable and 100% recyclable. 

    Easy Set up

    Just plant up the slots of the removable plant cassette with varieties of your choice, to suit your preference, taste and theme.  With our frames your creativity can be limitless – perfect for indoors and outdoors, in a single frame or a group. Create your own fun wall collage with multiple frames and tap into your inner creativity. The mounted frame and inner cassette is easily attached and comes supplied with two screws and its installation template, could not be easier.  

    Watering:  Plants can go without watering top ups for up to 4 weeks. 

    Mounting:  As easy as putting two screws in a wall to hang a picture.


    This item is frame system only and does not come with plants as seen in image.  If you require plants we can source them for you on request for an additional cost. 


    Just a few short samples of what you can achieve with your living frames:

      DESIGN 1:  Schumi Red mix

      Standard indoor mix, consisting of; Nephrolepis Duffy, Peperomia Schumi Red and Fittonia Bianco Verde.

      DESIGN 2:  Sunshine mix

      Standard indoor mix, consisting of; Croton Petra, Philodendron Brazil, Fittonia Skeleton and Epipremnum Golden Pothos.

      DESIGN 3:  Calethea - Air purifying garden 

      The Ctenanthe Burle- Marxii (Calathea amabilis), also called Nel, is a good air-purifying plant, distinguished by its leaf pattern and dark red underside. At night the plant’s leaves pull together and a rustling can be heard.

      DESIGN 4:  Tropical garden mix

      Standard indoor mix, consisting of; Nephrolepis Duffy, Calathea Amabilis, Spathiphyllum Cupido, Phlebodium Blue Star and Nephrolepis Green Lady

      Benefits of living picture frames

      • A healthy environment
      • Makes plant maintenance simple
      • An increase in productivity and creativity
      • Space-saving solution
      • A playful addition to the living and working environment


      • Light in weight
      • Unique patented system
      • Water reservoir (around four weeks) with empty and full notification
      • For indoor and outdoor use
      • 100% recyclable

      Specifications & Installation:


        • 51.6 X 51.6 X 11.2 cm
        • The frame comes with super easy to install instructions.
          You can fit this yourself all you need is two wall plugs, strong screws, a spirit level and a drill.  The unit comes with a wall guide you simply mark the wall with.  Of course when drilling any holes at home you must be careful not to drill holes near electrical wires inside the wall like switches, always check first SAFETY!