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Ashanti Stool - Ghana -L (01)

The Golden Stool is a sacred symbol of the Ashanti nation believed to possess the sunsum (soul) of the Ashanti people. ... These stools were made for chiefs and important people and were considered important state regalia. They were believed to contain the soul of the owner. The seats were crescent-shaped, and the stool was carved from a single piece of wood, reflecting the skill and talent of the stool carvers and not nailed together like European chairs. 

Each stool is understood to be the seat of the owner's soul and when not in use it is placed against a wall so that other souls passing by may relax on it. The Golden Stool is the royal throne and must never touch the ground; instead it is placed on a blanket. From :  https://globalquiz.org/en/question/what-is-the-royal-artifact-of-the-ashanti-people/

Often stools will be seen with their upper corners worn from being leaned up against the wall or laid down on their sides, all to prevent someone else from sitting on it or worse a malevolent spirit could take charge of the stool and the owner’s spirit. Stools start out as a white wood and through time take on a burnished and well-worn hue.

Designs of stools may vary depending on the inventiveness of the stool carver, and today many of the historical forms are either forgotten or interpreted anew.

This large vintage piece shows signs of past repairs which we feel builds it’s character. 

Size:- 64cmLx 42cmH at highest ends and 35cm seat height and 31cmDepth 

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