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African Kuba cloth cushion 50x50cm

A stunning hand stitched textured cushion made from the fiber of the Raffia Vinifera Palm in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Production of these textiles is a multistage process which involves the participation of both women and men. The process includes gathering and preparing the raffia fibers for weaving and embroidery, weaving the basic oth unit, dying the embroidery fibers, and embellishing the woven cloth with embroidery, applique, patchwork and dye. Embroided cloth works are individually conceptualised and the patterns hVe been named and passed on through generations. 

The designs are elaborate and complex often showing rectangles and square patterns.  The fabric is also used for ceremonial gifts in particular to royalty and some patterns resemble wealth & status. 

Size:-  50cmx50cm 

Inner cushion:  Included  

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