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    19th Century vintage Dowry Chest

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    This Dowry Chest is a one off piece in our collections.  It’s a 19th Century piece of beautiful furniture.  The chest is adorned with metal straps along the height of the doors and small circular mirrors with each one framed with decorative metal.  They were originally used to store valuables like textiles, cash and jewellery which could be used as dowry for weddings. 

    The piece has some blemishes as expected of its age with several small cracked mirrors.  The top left peacock has a broken base as seen in photo but can be restored but adds character to this old piece.  One of metal strips on left door is a bit lose at the top as seen in photos but does not affect doors closing.  

    The internal storage is in very good condition.  The inscriptions in the front of the chest are incredibly detailed and it shows this has taken a very long time to create.  


    Size:  176cm L x H 137cm chest height and max Height to top of peacocks is 154cm and Depth is 67cm.