Botanical Boys x Harry Holding

Botanical Boys have teamed up with award winning Harry Holding Garden Design to present a set of planting arrangements for your balcony and planters.  Harry is an inspirational designer developing strong designs which use local, sustainable materials and innovative planting schemes to create bold, immersive and enchanting spaces. A signature blend of the contemporary with the natural delivers a juxtaposition between built form and naturalistic planting, crafting gardens which inspire and charm.

Please do contact us if you have a project in mind to: 

Below is an example of a mood board designed for Botanical Boys by Harry:

Meditation Palette : Trees, Schrubs


Meditation Pallett : Tall and Structural

Meditation Pallett : Medium Seasonal

Meditation Pallet : Low & Ground Cover

Meditation Pallett: Trailing Plants

Entertainment Pallett: Trees & Schrubs

Entertainment Pallet : Tall and Structural

Entertainment Pallett : Medium Seasonal

Entertainment Pallet : Low and Ground Cover

Entertainment Pallett : Low & Ground Cover