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Terrarium Class - Upgrade - Tall cork jar (30cm)

The big tall jar allows you to add taller plants to create your very own jungle at your workshop.  A beautiful centrepiece to take home in a box with you after class.  

**Only purchase this if you have booked a workshop already. 

Your upgrade vessel is a big 30cmH x 20cmW compared to the standard vessel which is a bit smaller.  Image shows the comparison of both jars. So if you want to treat yourself to a bigger garden then this jar RRP is £145 this upgrade is £63 including more plants. 

Accessorise your terrarium with characters here: https://www.botanicalboys.com/collections/terrarium-figures

 RESERVING:  You must please let us know on the notes section in checkout what date and time your class is for so we can have this ready in advance for you.  


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