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Schindapsis Silver leaf

These plants are very easy to maintain and can green up those shadier corners of your home or office space.  Allow them to drape over a table, a shelf or hang from the ceiling in your corner.   They grow over 20 feet over time an average of 1 foot every growing season.  In hanging pot approx 20-30cm drop.  

We have a varied range of Pothos species.  Please check with us before you check out.  Light green plane leaves and dark green leaves and other variegated leaf patterns of the same size and price. 

Watering:  They require humiditiy and slightly moist soil conditions.   You can let the soil dry out on the top between watering.  Never let it sit in water as this causes yellowing of the leaves and the plant could get root rot.  Does not need spraying on the leaves, just keep soil moist. 

Light:  Indirect Sunlight

Origin:  Native to Thailand, Borneo, Java, Phillippines.

Pot size:  14cm D 

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