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    The Strelitzia "bird of paradise" commonly known as the Crane Flower in South Africa.  In it's natural habitat it flowers throughout the Spring and Summer months creating beautiful "bird-like" flowers.  The base of the flower or the sheath is called a "spathe" which is perfect for a Sunbird to sit on and pollinate the plant.  The spathe shoots out 3 to 4 "sepals" which are brilliant orange along with purple-blue and white petals.  The petals open to cover their feet in pollen, truly amazing how nature works!  It can grow to 2m.

    Your plant is likely only to flower in the right conditions, given a temperate green house environment or a rich loamy soil in the garden.  The plant however is best kept indoors to protect it from hard cold winters.  The plant will flower usually after 3-5 years since germination.  The optimum flowering period is winter and summer months. 

    Watering: This plant needs water when approx a third of the soil has dried out.  Do let the top of the soil dry out 50% before watering. This plant lives a little misting from time to time. 

    Light:  Requires very good level of Sunlight but avoid direct Sunlight for long periods as leaves may scorch.  Avoid dark spaces.