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  • Live Picture Frame - White

    A low maintenance solution to adding greenery into your home.  The frames hold your plants and water them through a capillary watering method in the back of the cassette meaning all you have to do every 2-4 weeks is to top it up with water from an easy access watering hole in the front of the frame.  The frame tells you when it's in need of a top-up by dropping a small watering can indicator in the bottom left corner of the frame, very cute!

    The white frames are in a Matt white finish. 

    NOTE:  This is for the Frame set only.  We recommend customers plant up their own frames.  You need approx x9 plants 9cm pot size.  Be creative with your plants!  

    Type of plants:-

    - Tradescantia, Calethea, Trailing pothos, Bromeliads, Ferns, Grasses and many others can be used that enjoy slightly moist soil conditions.

    Benefits of living picture frames


      • Improves air quality in your home


      • Reduces stress by the fact of having a green wall to look at provides a calming effect


      • Space saving, if you have no more shelves for your little green friends, use an empty wall space


      • Offers a unique piece of art for the home


      • Offers immediate green impact for your space


      • After care and plant replacement service on all purchases.  We provide a 30 day plants guarantee and ongoing support and plant replacement advice if required.

    Unique Features


      • Holds 2 litres of water


      • Only requires topping up every 2-4 weeks


      • No electricity needed


      • No complicated fitting requirements


      • Two screws and a drill hole guide is included in your kit


      • Plant packs to choose your ideal design

    Specifications & Installation:


      • 51.6 X 51.6 X 11.2 cm


      • The frame comes with super easy to install instructions.
        You can fit this yourself all you need is two wall plugs, strong screws, a spirit level and a drill.  The unit comes with a wall guide you simply mark the wall with.  Of course when drilling any holes at home you must be careful not to drill holes near electrical wires inside the wall like switches, always check first SAFETY!


      • It's light in weight.


      • Two colour choices, White or Grey


    • You can mix and match the colour design scheme of the frame, so for example we can design a pack for you based on up to 4-6 frames to make a larger impression in your home.  We recommend for larger installations you go for a more sophisticated unit using a irrigation unit, please get in touch for details and we can arrange installation for your needs.