Living Wall System

Our living walls come as a complete pack  has all you need to create an all-in-one living green wall system, indoors or out. This simple modular system means the creation of a living wall of natural plants is easily and quickly installed with the minimum of technical complexity.

Full range of sizes available between 47cmW x 61cmH and 288cmW x 301cmH. 

The living wall consists of a water reservoir (gutter/rail) and interchangeable plant cassettes with slots, ready to be filled with plants. No electricity, water connection, drainage or water-tanks required, self-irrgating using a clever capillary action and no water waste, plants just take what they need.

The living wall has a space-saving narrow profile and can be affixed to new or old walls on indoor or outdoor vertical environments. With this flexibility and its potential to plant and replant, the living wall suits any design, theme or season with limitless options.

• Planting: Depending on the type of plant, we suggest using maximum pot size 12 (P12), each plant cassette can hold 9 plants.
• Weight: Including plants 35kg-40kg per sqm.
• Gutter profiles: Aluminium profiles, matt black anodised. End and flow caps made of glass
fibre reinforced nylon, fixed with self-tapping screw thread on the profiles.
• Plant Cassette: Made of EPP, capillary cloth made of microfibre fabric, back plate
PP with stainless steel screws.
• Fixation: Aluminium profiles are directly fixed to the wall by using the supplied Fischer plugs
and stainless steel screws. The gutter profiles are pre-drilled with grid size 40 cm.

Plants: Not included but we do supply them separately.