Sky Pool Terrarium Masterclass

Connecting you to nature at the Sky Pool. 

The Botanical Boys welcomes you to a fun and relaxing creative terrarium Masterclass. 

You get to build a self-sustaining living garden in a 3 ltr large glass jar topped with a natural cork lid to take home with you for displaying in your interior.

Once built, your garden will require very minimal maintenance and we will teach you all the necessary steps on how to build your garden layer by layer and how to care for it afterwards.

What is a Terrarium:

It's a miniature environment of living plants that thrive off moisture. You will learn the whys and how's for making a self contained living botanical environment.

What we provide:

  • History of terrariums
  • Layering and Planting techniques
  • Range of colourful plants and hard landscape materials and objects
  • Watering techniques
  • How to position your garden at home
  • Online aftercare advice
  • 30 Day Plant Guarantee
  • Bag to take your garden home

 Upgrade your terrarium to a different vessel:

Pre book life-like miniature characters for your terrarium